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An ancient remedy for blood purification

In this article we want to recommend an old “drug” was born in Germany. It is a natural drink made from lemon, garlic, ginger and water. The numerous benefits of this drink comes from the combination of these 3 foods very popular in the world of natural medicine because of their extraordinary healing properties.
3 drink ingredients
Health benefits Regulates the percentage of fat in the blood; Prevents and treats arterial congestion; Prevents and treats infections and colds; Boosts the immune system; Purifies the liver in a natural way; It prevents fatigue; It protects our body from free radicals, the cause of many serious diseases particular to the detriment of the heart and circulatory system.
Ingredients needed 4 lemons with the peel; 4 large cloves of garlic; 1 small ginger root (about 3- 4cm); 2 liters of clean water.
Detailed instructions for preparation.
Wash the lemons and cut them into pieces; Peel the garlic and put it together with lemon and ginger in a food processor; Pour the mixture into a metal bowl; Pour 2 liters of water into the bowl and heat all in a cooker, stir always up to the boiling point; Immediately turn off the heat just before the mixture reaches a full boil, let cool; With a strainer, pour the mixture into a glass bottle.
Drink a glass of this mixture once a day, on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours before the meal. The combination of water and lemon neutralizes the odor of garlic. Before drinking the drink, make sure you have shaken it well.

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