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Tantra seminar

David & Anita TANTRA Teachers
condurranno un seminario sul Tantra
nel mese di Maggio (data da definirsi)

For COUPLES  (2 or 3 days, longer is possible)

The workshop is a practical weekend of getting to know our partner better, finding the spark again,
tantric rituals and techniques, exploring touch, sensuality, dance, conscious breathing, massage,
opening the orgasmic channels, communication and being present. With the tools participants can
go home to practice new skills and enjoy deeper bonding.


For singles and couples (2 or 3 days, longer is possible)

Dance and touch are essential elements of this workshop, getting to know our own essence and
body, opening the heart, bonding as a group, exposing our fears and insecurities and casting them
off in ceremony, giving and receiving conscious touch. We will recognise boundaries and consent,
and explore intimate tantra massage. Experience aspects of Tango Tantra Magic and Dance
Massage Flow.

INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOPS – one off, and as part of larger events

TANGO TANTRA MAGIC (search these words to find the Facebook page.) 3 hours or to suit
the available time.
In the workshop we explore connection, masculine leadership energies, and feminine letting go and
trust, while being introduced to the wonderful sensual dance of Argentine Tango. The lessons
learned are for life, not just for tango!! No dance experience is necessary.


Get back to your essence, the real, open hearted and uninhibited you. Dance, breathe, and touch
your way to bliss and happiness. Anita developed this workshop during her process of healing and
becoming alive again.

SETTING BOUNDARIES, SAYING YES AND NO (3 hours or to fit available time)

How many people have problems with these three things? Important topics. We address them in a
practical way.

“TANTRA” evenings. (3 hours or to fit available time)

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