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Intervista a “Pagine Vegan”

Interview with B & B Mulini Venturi “Vegan Pages ”

Your B & B was a stone mill built two centuries ago, the vocation of a mill is to be a bridge between the effort of Nature (wheat, olives, water) and that of man, the heart of your business looks like this “a bridge” between an ordinary life and a re-designed one in contact with nature, between work and rest, between areas of fast-paced fun and moments of contemplation: which is your spirit?

When I saw this house, so beautiful and abandoned, I could not believe that everything that had happened here was lost. I saw peasants who came in wagons of wheat, men who opened the closed river and the mills that turned to turn grain into dark flour  allowed it to rise to become fragrant bread.

The genius loci of the Mill as influenced your lives?

Yes very much.

How long the mill is yours and how did the idea to restructure it in bio building? We bought in 2003 and could not intervene on a house in river stones and tuff with concrete and insulation.

CAn you tell us a “typical day” of a  holiday guest? Generally our guests are planning a visit to the medieval villages of Saludecio, Mondaino, Montegridolfo, Montefiore, who are near and beautiful; or visit art exhibitions in Urbino, or the castle of Gradara with the romantic story of Paolo and Francesca, or the sea, on the beaches of Cattolica, Riccione, Gabicce Mare easily reachable in 15-minute drive.

From the photos of your web site is perceived a charm for everything that surrounds you: the people who come to see you are influenced by it? Yes, after a night of rest in silence they wake up very relaxed and begin to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Do you accept animals and pet of your guests? We have 3 cats but we also accept pets of our guests.

You are in the province of Rimini, have you ever had guests oriented on a holiday “dance” that remain fascinated then by your proposal? Yes, of course, there are, luckly, many young people who come to party in the Riviera still love to  sleep in a quiet place and therefore choose our home where they can wake up and sit in front of a genuine healthy breakfast. They are alternative people, looking for a different atmosphere, often couples and it’s nice to meet these young people.

Mara has traveled the world and that the experience in Australia has given her the way to change her life, could you tell us something more?

After my degree I left for Australia as a volunteer worker on organic farms wwoofers organization for six months after that all jobs indoors had become unbearable; so I had an idea, I had a project, you must never stop to make projects, and after 6 years of hard work I opened Mulini Venturi. It ‘was a conscious choice for a better quality of life.

How long does it take to learn to become farmers from scratch?
Not long, just listen to the advice of the old men, treasure it and modify them according to the theories of organic farming and permaculture, principles of Fukuoka, Emilia Hazelip with everything I’ve learned in Australian farms. Experiencing then you discover many things that become your secrets …. that’s why when I received the prize for the best extra virgin olive oil of Emilia Romagna, in 2008 and they asked me how I’d gotten an oil so good, I did not want to reveal my secrets.

Your farm is also an organic farm with 260 olive trees, orchards and fields for vegetables to care… how  a farmer begins its day , in our day?
Singing in the garden, setting the table for breakfast.

You have experienced, by chance, the cultivation of vegetables? With what results?
Yes, difficult  cultivation but good results especially cicerchia beans for self-consumption.

What do you use for fertilizer? Can you have the crops that do not need manure?
Horse manure, effective microorganisms, ash

Let’s look at the kitchen: you have a rich breakfast, consisting of homemade cakes, homemade bread and jams, is also a vegan version?
There is always a vegan cake among other natural cakes, cereals, homemade bread with spelled flour, barley flour or freshly flour ground in the new mill, soy milk or rice, the fruit of our trees .

The “mills” also propose Shiatsu Ryu Zo Do, how this practice helps to regenerate? Do you have a teacher who comes from outside or inside? If you are interested you must tell me at the time of booking or later, when you are there?
I am an operator Shiatsu, Japanese technique that works on the energy meridians helps to restore the energy balance of the person also regenerating the emotional sphere. If you want to receive a treatment we only need to agree on the day and time.

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